Negroni Sbagliato

Negroni Spagliato


1oz Prosecco

1oz Campari

1oz Sweet Vermouth

Orange Twist

Add the Campari, sweet vermouth and Prosecco to a chilled rocks glass. Add ice and stir gently. Garnish with the orange twist.
Citrus and bitter nose with a hint of raisins. Lighter than a negroni thanks to the substitution of prosseco for gin, the spagliato also has a great effervescent taste as well. Similar notes of bitter orange, quinine and a slightly sweeter taste all culminating with that classic bitter Campari finish.

Negroni Spagliato 2


So the word sbagliato means “mistaken” in Italian, which adequately describes this cocktail. At Bar Basso in Milan, a bartender accidently grabbed the bottle of Spumante instead of gin and this happy accident was born. So popular it became the bars signature drink.